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Victoria, BC

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“Before beginning, plan carefully”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

What we do:

The staff and volunteers at Platinum Events create unique and memorable events with the sole purpose of helping others in our community. Every event is created to financially support nonprofits and charities in the Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island region.

Our partners provide the financial support necessary to pay for the expenses incurred in hosting a fundraiser. This ensures that the nonprofits and charities get the most out of every event. 

What you can do:

Become a partner  of Platinum Events by providing yearly support with a monetary sponsorship. 

Become a sponsor  of one or more of our events by providing cash or in-kind support for causes you believe in. For every event, we require cash donations, silent and live auction items, as well as a variety of in-kind support such as venues, catering, advertising and entertainment. 

Become a volunteer  by offering to be on our Platinum Events committee to help make each and every one our events a success. You can also choose to be on our volunteer list and provide as little or as much time as you'd like.


Thank you for you $1,000 annual commitment!


"Why Platinum Events?  What is my company about?  How can I help? 
That question answers both questions.  I help where I can. Lorrie is a giving person with a good heart; good at organizing events.  Me? I’m a good behind the scenes person.  My business is cleaning carpets and related issues and I happen to be pretty good at it.  My business allows me to solve peoples’ cleanliness issues in their homes.  I can clean their carpets, furniture, tile, fix pet accidents or bleach accidents.  And Lorrie can organize an event to bring people together to raise money for good causes.  I like to give back because there are so many causes that need help.  My work can support hers to support others."