Inspiring, Extraordinary, and Truly Unforgettable Events with a Purpose

Lorrie Carlson is the main event planner with Platinum Events, a division of First Impressions which has been

in operation since 2002 - nearly 17 years. For most of these years, Lorrie has been an active volunteer and has

served on a variety of boards and fundraising committees. She also has a Social Work degree and has worked

in a variety of challenging environments which allowed her to see the increasing demand for services in the

community. She felt the need to come up with an idea to help the nonprofits and charities, while also recognizing

the business people in our community who continue to make a difference by supporting these organizations.

The solution was to create a fun way to provide necessary funding to nonprofits and charities while also giving substantial recognition to those who provide the funds and support to make these events a success. Raising money for nonprofits and charities while providing major recognition to the sponsors is a win/win for everyone.

Although most of her events are fundraisers, Lorrie is exceptionally talented at creating other events as well - corporate events, galas and private parties - your event will be created especially for you.


Our Mission:

To deliver extraordinary, inspiring, and entertaining events

that make a difference

Our Vision:

A community where everyone comes together

with the common purpose of helping one another

Our Values:

Integrity, Passion and Connection


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